D365 Event/Webinars #1:- Getting Started with AL for Business Central-Setup VS Code and Extension

Episode #1

Welcome to DynamicPower101 Club, We have Started Dynamics 365 Business Central Technical Series, in this event our topic is "Getting Started with AL Language".

#1 "How to Setup Visual Studio Code? "
-->How to Download?"
--> How to Installed mandatory Extension for development.

#2 "How to connect Visual Studio Code with Business Central?"
-->How to Download the symbols to connect business central with visual studio for development purpose.

#3 "Which are the files mandatory for Develop a project?"
--> launch.json

#4 "How we can store information of Extension?"
-->App ID
-->Version of app."

#5 "How to publish extension to the environment?"
--->Manually and Directly from Visual Studio Code.
--->Deployment Status"

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